Start-Up |​​​​​​​ Website Essentials

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Chat Integration​​​​​​​

Do customers like chatbots?

What is live chat support?

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HTTPS & SSL Certification​​​​​​

What is an SSL certificate and do I need one?

Is HTTPS really secure? 

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Webhook Utilisation​​​​​​​

What are webhooks?

How is it useful for my business?

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Responsive Website​​​​​​​

What does it mean to have a responsive website?

Is responsive design a want or a need?

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Website Indexing​​​​

Is website indexing important for SEO?

How do I begin my search engine optimization?

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Professional Email Address

Do I really need a professional email address?

Is it not ok for me to simply use my free email address?

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Business Analytics​​

What is analytics?

How can a business use it?



S T A R T - U P


Start-Up|​​​​​​​ Introduction​​​​​​

Starting a new business and or a new company website can be a daunting task. Many decisions like artwork, theme, design, technological integrations and even down to the very technical aspect of what language to code it in may cause some paralysis through analysis. If using a web builder platform was an option, there are literally tons out there with different pricing, features, API's and packages. No matter the decision, in the end, at Code5Technology we feel that the following features below are the essential necessities to have and to keep your website contemporary.

Welcome To The StartUp Option​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our Ideology 

We believe in long term value-added services and not in short term gains. We understand what it is like to run a business on limited resources and how the liquid in nature it can be, hence our recommendations are practical and essential. Building a new website for your business is just the first step in your digital transformation, and often times it is the quality of what is being built. Our solutions are customized to your business goals and needs while keeping in mind that if you succeed in your business, we too succeed in our mission.

Our Methodology 

By embracing our ideology to heart, fundamentally our development would be to provide you with what is best suited for your current essential needs. By combining our expertise in both technical and creative fields, our aim is to lay proper systems and best practices as your foundation so that you may scale your business needs up or down in the event when needed. In the early stages of starting your business, time is your most valuable resource, so let us be your IT technical division and handle all your IT needs while you focus your time on building your business to the next level. 


Start-Up |​​​​​​​ Why Choose Us